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Parking at UPEI

UPEI welcomes a variety of visitors to campus everyday—including meeting, conference, volunteers, and event attendees. In order to offer a welcoming, safe environment and easy access to campus buildings, UPEI administers a parking permit system and enforces parking according to the UPEI Traffic and Parking Policy

For more information on UPEI’s parking services, visit upei.ca/parking.

Year Round
Visitors may pay to park at any of the metered parking spaces found in areas near the W.A. Murphy Student Centre, the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre, the Kelley Memorial Building and the Steel Building. Metered parking is enforced on weekdays from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, year round, but is not enforced on weekends or holidays. Regardless of the situation, all metered parking spaces require payment and any vehicle at an expired meter may be subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Mid-April to the end of August
Visitors may also park in any of the General Parking Lots at no cost and without a permit from mid-April to the end of August. These lots are labeled as General Parking Lots A, lower B, D, and E on the UPEI Campus Map.

September to Mid-April
As parking is enforced in all parking lots during the academic year from 7 am–5 pm daily, visitors should either pay for metered parking or check with their campus contact who may have made arrangements for parking. For example, meeting or conference coordinators can secure parking spaces for delegates by contacting Facilities Management to purchase Daily Permits for the General Parking Lots. Visitors can also purchase Daily Permits directly by visiting Facilities Management in the Central Utility Building, which will allow users to park in the General Parking Lots.

Barrier-Free Parking Spaces

Barrier-free spaces are limited to vehicles that display an official “Disabled Parking Permit”* and a “UPEI Parking Permit.” Barrier-free metered spaces are only for vehicles with an official “Disabled Parking Permit, and anyone using these spaces must pay the meter. For individuals who require short term use of barrier-free parking (three months or less), a temporary permit can be obtained from the PEI Council of the Disabled.

Access to/Parking in the Inner Campus

Vehicle access to and parking in the inner campus is restricted and must be requested at the UPEI Security Services Division office in the Central Utility Building. The gated access point to the inner campus is adjacent to the Central Utility Building. Because there are restrictions on the size of the vehicle that may enter the inner campus, drivers are asked to consult with Security Services Division staff.

Contractor Vehicle Access/Parking - During daytime operations, Monday through Friday, year round, contractor vehicle parking within the inner campus is restricted. Contractor vehicles may enter the inner campus to load or unload work site materials, but then must be parked in one of the General Parking Lots as noted below:

Mid-April to the end of August
Contractors may park in any of the General Parking Lots without a permit from mid-April to the end of August. These lots are labeled as General Parking Lots A, lower B, D, and E on the UPEI Campus Map

September to Mid-April
From September to mid-April, contractors may park in any of the General Parking Lots, but must display a UPEI Parking Permit, which can be obtained at no cost from the Security Services Division, located in the Central Utility Building.
These lots are labeled as General Parking Lots A, lower B, D and E on the UPEI Campus Map.

Campus Service Calls and Deliveries - Service and delivery vehicles do not require parking permits although access to the inner campus must be requested at the UPEI Security Services Division located in the Central Utility Building. All vehicles stopped on campus to make deliveries are required to display four-way flashers.

Overnight Parking/Winter Parking Restrictions

Individuals planning to leave their vehicle on campus overnight during fair weather months may use any appropriate lot. Winter parking restrictions are in effect from November 1 through March 31 and stipulate that General Parking Lot A is the only designated "overnight" parking lot. Residents of Andrew Hall and Bernardine Hall may park overnight in the Andrew Hall lot or in lower General Parking Lot B during the winter on the provision that these vehicles be moved to General Parking Lot A during storm conditions and until plowing operations have been completed after a storm. A violation of this policy may result in the vehicle being removed from the campus at the owner's expense.

* In PEI, the PEI Council of the Disabled issues “Disabled Parking Permits” on behalf of the Government of PEI to individuals who qualify.

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